Guide to Garment Printing (DTG)

What exactly is Direct to Garment Printing?
Direct to outfit printing (DTG) is a fairly new clothing printing procedure that permits complete colour printing immediately onto the dress with no need for monitors, move or sublimation methods.

DTG San Jose, tend to be garment ink jet printers that, are in the basic level, an inkjet printer usually predicated on an Epson printer principle and they operate in the same way as the one which rests on the table printing bills. A tray retains a platen which the t-shirt is put and then should go beneath the print-head just like the manner paper goes via a printer.

It has some tiny limits within the speed section however, Nevertheless, still produces full color images at a comparatively short time
Why would you use it?
It’s an excellent alternative to conventional DTG San Jose exactly where screens are necessary before the project can be released. It is a good choice to transport printing in which initial quantities often will have to be bigger to make them a lot more cost effective.

Exactly what garments are most appropriate?
The initial Significant development was that relating to printing onto 100% natural cotton
The next substantial breakthrough continues to be the development of whitened ink, which makes it feasible to produce on virtually any color of Clothing.
We’d advise White 100% 100 % cotton T-Shirts since the best medium. Particularly good coatings are identified on Blue max and Gildan brands. Yet Sweatshirts as well as Polo shirt may also succeed. The trick is to test each garment right up until you’re happy with the printing finish.

What are the benefits of the customer?
Could possibly be utilized on White and Dim garments
Simply no screens required
Art that is easily available. A top resolution jpeg is all that’s necessary.
Even print quality right after setup
Fantastic detail may be accomplished from very complex designs
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