Meet David Diehl, a football star with one of the most exciting and successful careers

Meet David Diehl, a football star with one of the most exciting and successful careers
This North American-Croatian, a native of Chicago Illinois, with his 37 has been one of the best soccer players in the history of the sport. Although in high school he dedicated himself to the fight and belonged to the athletic team, he started his football career in 2002 with the Illinois Fighting Illini team.

became a key player, for his ability to play in various positions. Arriving in 2003 in the reinforcements of the NFL, with # 160 and was selected for his merits by the New York Giants.
During the year 2003, being a rookie he participated in the 16 games, being a right tackle in one game and playing as a protector in the others. In 2008 he was All-Pro and Pro Bowl until 2009 and signed a contract for $ 31 million in May 2008 for six years.
He was part of Manchester United and, in addition, he combined the fight with football. He managed to win two NFC championships in 2007 and two Super Bowl titles in 2011. He was a member of the Fox NFL team and was awarded the Wellington Mara NFL as Man of the Year.
His career in the NFL came until 2010, as he injured his hip and a tendon, reappearing in the season of the following year in the Super Bowl XLVI, with the equipment of the Giants, obtaining the victory before the New England Patriots.
He suffers another injury to his right thumb in 2013, which required surgery and a long recovery, which kept him away from the football scene and focused on his recovery.
After 11 seasons of success, David Diehl has made the decision to retire from the football scene. The statement was made on January 24, 2014, after a long and successful career a financial analysis, has determined that the assets of David Diehl, amounts to 15 million dollars.